Q1: I cannot see video?
A1: For those in countries that restrict video access to Youtube or others, you can down some free VPN, such as in this page. For android VPN, please search “TOR” in Google Play.


Q2: Do I need to setup Topcools account for “My Favorites”?
A2: No. “My Favorites” are your “liked” pages and are stored at Facebook(co-operation with Facebook), setting up “My Favorites” doesn’t require setup an account with Topcools. We might add support for those without Facebook account later.


Q3: How to add my own content?
A3: Due to most people pasting advertisement on our site, we temporarily stop user pasting. please sending topcools.com@gmail.com a list of what you hope to add, Editor will add them. Once we feel you can be trusted. We will give you authoring rights.