Canion Shijirbat – Graphic animation and Choreography I Mongolia’s Got Talent 2016 I Alan Walker

Zoljargal Erdenebaatar Published on Nov 13, 2016
B.Shijirbat is best contestant of Mongolia’s Got Talent 2016.
He made first graphic animation and choreography by himself for own friend’s memorial and has intended semi final’s this performance for own parents!!!
He said: I think when we do something else for someone else from bottom of your heart, there is nothing that you can’t achieve even it is impossibly hard. That great feeling, i feel that way.

A main idea of this performance is: there is a some period that we fail or get succeed for me there are some people who helps me. All the time when i am having tough time in my life with their kindness, with their effort of loving their son. I had intended this performance for my parents.

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