Riccardo & Yulia Collection

0:01 (black lace outfits)
02:09 Hello Baby!
04:39 Move
07:58 Mambo (rhinestone bodysuit!)
11:47 Paso Doble
17:28 I’m Having A Good Time
20:23 Pink Rumba
26:04 Flamingo Rainbow
29:49 Hello Baby!
34:17 Jive (white shorts)
37:36 Red Paso Doble
41:50 Move
45:00 Blue Rumba
50:29 Golden Cha-Cha
53:07 Drumbeat
55:45 Aranjuez
59:25 I Like It Like That
1:02:22 Feelings Rumba
1:04:28 Rolling On The River
1:07:39 In Competition
1:17:35 You Don’t Have To Be Rich
1:19:00 Winners Samba
1:21:10 In Competition
1:26:06 World Champions!
1:26:45 Black Paso Doble
1:28:50 In Competition
1:39:06 Hit The Road Jack
1:40:55 In Competition
1:42:10 Rolling On The River
1:46:12 Taipei Jive
1:48:00 Fields Of Gold
1:50:35 Yulia in a black wig!

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