Smiling, to you: What two primary composition recent fire

Smiling, to you: What two primary composition recent fire
First, the “my home” –
My family has a mom and dad and I, every morning, the three of us parted ways, separate ways, the same thing at night.
Father is an architect, on the site every day to find fault; mother salesman, who arrive at the counter every day; I am a student, transfixed in the classroom every day.
Three members of our family like-minded, sympathetic home. But my grades were bad, Dad fratricide, I was ruthless to beat five-body cast; her mother stand at the side, never courageous, and sometimes even do evil.
Every time I test scores down 80 points or less women’s singles, men’s singles 70 points or less, 60 points or less mixed doubles.
This is my home: a vibrant home!
Teacher comment: This application was teacher idiom strange enough ah!
Second, “I want a good review.” –
Time flies, click on to the final exam, and now at the beginning of intense review, I have to work hard to start, because if I do not work hard, the results would not increase, my grades go up will be scolded parents I was scolded parents will lose confidence, lose confidence will not read books, do not read the books will not graduate, can not graduate will find a good job, can not find a good job to make money, not earn Money will be no money to pay taxes, have no money to pay taxes, the state will be difficult wages to teachers, teachers without pay will be in no mood to teaching, teaching not in the mood, it will affect the future of our country, affecting the future of the motherland, China it is difficult to take off, the Chinese nation will degenerate into a barbarous nation.
Chinese nation has become a savage nation, the United States will be suspicious of our country has weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, the United States would go to war to China, the third world war will break out, the outbreak of World War III one of them will certainly lack the strength, power shortage would use nuclear weapons, use of nuclear weapons would destroy the natural environment, natural environment is destroyed, the atmosphere will break a big hole, a big hole in the Earth’s atmosphere to break the temperature rises, polar icebergs will melt, iceberg melts, the water level will rise the Earth, the Earth level rise, mankind will be drowned. As it relates to life and property safety of all mankind, so I’m going to rest a few days in a good review, good grades, do not let the tragedy!
Teacher comments: Your logical thinking strong enough to amazing!

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