Mata Hari – A Ballet by Ted Brandsen

EuroArtsChannel Published on Jul 20, 2016
Anna Tsygankova · Casey Herd · Jozef Varga · Artur Shesterikov · Young Gyu Choi · Wen Ting Guan · Emanouela Merdjanova · Erica Horwood · Nadia Yanowsky · Edo Wijnen · Anatole Babenko · Roman Artyushkin · Wendeline Wijkstra · Pascalle Paerel · Hannah de Klein · Wolfgang Tietze · Peter Leung · Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair · Nicolas Rapaic · Dutch National Ballet · Dutch Ballet Orchestra · Matthew Rowe

Music by Tarik O’Regan · Choreography by Ted Brandsen

The turbulent life of the Dutch spy and dancer Mata Hari is at the heart of this large-scale ballet production by Dutch National Ballet. As the exotic, mysterious Mata Hari, she became one of the most famous dancers of her day. She travelled throughout Europe and had a network of lovers everywhere, which made her an ideal spy during World War I. She was accused – rightly or wrongly – of being a double agent, and she died in front of a French firing squad in 1917.

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