Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar: “Ich liebe dich”, Tonio’s prologue, Lodon’s aria, “Hulsan Tashuur” – 1080p

Medici TV, June 28, 2015
00:00 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – “We Sat Together”, Op. 73, No. 1, to lyrics by Daniil Rathaus
03:07 Edvard Grieg – “Ich liebe dich” Op. 5, No. 3, to lyrics by Franz von Holstein
06:15 Ruggero Leoncavallo – Tonio’s prologue (Si puo?. . . Si puo?. . .Signore!) from “I pagliacci”
12:18 Khaltaryn Bilegjargal – Lodon’s aria from “Tears of a Lama”
18:11 Mongolian folk song – “Hulsan Tashuur”
Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar – won 1st/gold prize in Voice and grand prize at XV International Tchaikovsky Competition
winners of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition: MALE:
I prize and a gold medal: Ganbaatar, Ariunbaatar
II prize and a silver medal: Wang, Chuanyue
III prize and a bronze medal: Yoo, Hansung

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