Octavarium (Symphonic Cover) [HD]

Aug 27, 2011
Octavarium – Dream Theater (see details)
Performed by: Çagdas Gençlik Senfoni Orkestrasi
Conductor, Arranger, Piano & MorphWiz: Eren Basbug (http://on.fb.me/pfmzwk)

Konzertmeister: Ezgi Er
Mad Viola: Tamer Tarhan
Flute: Feyza Nur Sagliksever
Guitars: Arda Keremoglu
Drums: Ali Can Öztan
Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center, Izmir

My deepest thanks to everybody in the orchestra- who didn’t leave me alone all the time and did their best, and the venue’s administration, for helping us realizing this concert.

Special thanks to the team;

Feyza Nur Sagliksever, for the management, and sharing the load with me,
Arda Keremoglu, who I haven’t met him before the concert and didn’t let down my belief that he could play flawless,
Fulya Kiliçtas & Ece Kiliçaslan, for their help in organisation,
Tamer Tarhan, accomodation and for assistive conducting of the strings,
Doga Saçilik & Ali Can Öztan, who also participated in 2009’s Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence,
Yigitcan “Vai” Kesendere & Ezgi Selin Akdemir for the cheer,
Volkan Turgut, for photography & video conducting,

and Jordan Rudess & Dream Theater, for the music & inspiration.

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