Coppélia Imortal! Eterna Coppélia! Sempre Coppélia!

Pratyvar Published on Sep 6, 2013
Graceful and agile, the young dancers of the School of Dance of the National Opera of Paris sneak past in the rehearsal rooms of the Theater. Among young girls, the oldest is 17, a slight nervousness spreads. An atmosphere that was inspired by the painter Edgar Degas. In the program of the night: “Coppélia the Girl of the Eyes of Enamel” by Léo Delibes. The excitement is great for young girls! Which is why tonight they will be produced in the same costumes and decoration as those which pleased Emperor Napoleon III and the Empress when he first appeared on May 25, 1870 in Paris.
This fun comedy ballet is full of good humor! The heroine Swanilda seeks to win the love of Franz by playing the magnificent Coppélia doll. For it is only a work of the old puppeteer Coppélius, who dreams gives life to the doll .. Thus, the vivacity of Swanilda presents the most vivid contrast with the beauty of the wax doll. But love and life finally matter in the literary model of this ballet.

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